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Setup: Hide the directory sidebar by clicking on the bottom button, and use right-click to add folders and keys. Make sure you enter CAPITAL letters.

Usage: Either press the button on your keyboard or use your mouse to move the image thats selected.


In order to get moving quickly and start sorting your images, the first thing you should do is set up your folders to move your images into.

Start off by opening the program and clicking on the "Options" button. You should see a list of keys and values. The keys are what hotkey is assigned to the value, and the value is the folder name or command. You can enter the values in three ways:

- Use the "Find Key" and "ADD" buttons to select the key/folder pair and add it to the list, or
- Double click and edit the values manually, inserting rows with the right click, or
- Going back to the main window, hide the directory view, and right click on the left sidebar and choosing "Add Folder"

NOTE: If entered manually, please remember that letters must be capitalized.
NOTE: Folders can be absolute [C:\files] or relative [.\relative]. Relative folders add the folder into the folder where the image is located, and absolute folders move it into that specific folder in relationship to the drive.
NOTE: Special commands can also be entered for more advanced users using the >> and ~> modifiers at the beginning of a string. [>>mspaint %1] is an example of assigning a key to open the selected image in Paint. %1 is replaced with the filename. >> executes the command, while ~> executes the command and then removes the file from the filebox list (its not deleted from your drive)

Also in the options window, there are the special keys. The default keys for the options on the bottom are: Delete - delete key, Rename - F2, Resize - ~, Refresh - F5. You can assign keys to these values by simply pressing a key while the cursor is in the textbox.

when you are done, and have set your folder hotkeys and any of the other options that you want, SAVE your changes, and then go into the main window. If you would like, you can also go into the Advanced Options by clicking the button "MORE". A link to the Plumeria Image Sorter home page is also located in the opposite corner.


Using the program is designed to be as quick and efficient as possible. First, find the folder which contains all your images that you would like to sort using the left sidebar to navigate through your file system. If you need to change directorys, right click on the sidebar and choose "Change Directory".

After you have found the folder, you can click on the bottom of the left sidebar to bring up the folder sidebar. On the folder sidebar there are buttons indicating the key and folder name assigned to the key. You do one of two things to organize your images now:

- Use your mouse to click on the buttons
- Use your keyboard to press the assigned hotkeys

Click on the bottom list box with the filenames in them, and sort away!