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  • How do I open up other drives?
    • You can access other drives by right-clicking the directory panel, and choosing "Open Folder..."
  • How can I see where I'm moving the images?
    • On the bottom of the directory panel there is a button that has a "^" on it. Click it to bring up a bunch of buttons. The button font turns bold depending on which button you pressed.
  • How do I stop the images from moving each time I press a key?
    • There are two modes in plumeria: Single Press and Press to Select. In order to change these go to Options->More.
      • Single Press Moving: Move the images into the folder assigned to the hotkey. Press key = move into folder.
      • Press to Select Directory: Press the hotkey to select the target folder. Press the key assigned to "Move Key" in order to move the file. Press key = select folder, press move key = move file
  • How can I undo a move?
    • Currently there is no undo function, but this will be created next version. Please note that even then, images that are deleted using the "delete" function will be permenent. Instead use a "trash" folder if you want to be safe and place junk images in there.
  • How do I make it start maximized?
    • There is an option called "Start Maximized" in the Advanced Options., you can get there by clicking on "Options"->"MORE"
  • The delete, rename, resize, refresh, and move buttons don't work when run it. Why?
    • In order to make those keys work, visit the Options and Advanced Options page and press "Save" in order to save the keys into a .ini file. If you think that this aspect of the program be changed so that it automatically assigns the keys on first run without the .ini file, please leave a message on the forums or on the front page.